Hydraulic Excavators

Please refer to the table below for detail pertaining to our hydraulic excavator rentals.  To go back to the main rental page, please click here.


Komatsu PC27269'7,000
Komatsu PC352811'8,100
Komatsu PC453912' 9"10,500
Komatsu 554013'12,000
Komatsu 785416'16,000
Komatsu 885416'18,000
Komatsu PC1308419' 2"27,500
Komatsu PC1609919' 10"38,000
Doosan DX 225LC14821' 1"47,000
Link-Belt 210LX12821' 5"45,000
Komatsu PC21013321' 1"53,000
Komatsu PC24015823' 8"56,000
Doosan DX 300LC21026' 4"74,000
Komatsu PC36019726' 5"81,000
Komatsu PC450/49027627' 1"103,000
Komatsu PC65049233'140,000
Link-Belt 250LX-LF15347' 2"63,000
Komatsu PC210 w/ Hyd. Breaker--21' 1"50,000
Komatsu PC240 w/ Hyd. Breaker--23' 8"59,500